Ragdolls of West Virginia

Acaramia Cats

All of Acaramia’s Ragdolls Cats are TICA registered and DNA tested for health and color.

The Boys of Acaramia

 Call Me Mousse is our main man.
He is a chocolate point mitted pure traditional.
Super sweet boy who gives hugs and kisses!

The Girls of Acaramia

Acaramia Huckleberry Lace
Blue lynx point bicolor
Lacey is a charmer and is also one
of THE most mischievous kittens we’ve
had in a long time. If there are shenanigans
going on you can bet she is involved
and we are loving every minute!

Coming up for 2022

Mercy Me
Mercy is a seal point traditional
carrying chocolate
She’s a professional milk ring flipper
and loves to play in the bathtub.

Paisley Rose
Paisley, a true “puppycat”.
is a lovely and quirky (aren’t they always”)
blue tortie point mitted pure traditional
Torties are pure entertainment.

Tansy is a pure traditional blue point.
Super sweet little girl.
She’s all about being a chill couch potato.