Ragdolls of West Virginia

Acaramia Cats

All of Acaramia’s Ragdolls Cats are TICA registered and DNA tested for health and color.

The Boys of Acaramia

Bourbon Ripple
I expect my boys to have Ragdoll temperament
and Rip does not disappoint.
He is a sweetheart.
Seal Lynx Point Mitted

 Call Me Mousse
He is a chocolate point mitted
Super sweet boy who gives hugs and kisses!

The Girls of Acaramia

Mercy Me
Mercy is a seal point traditional
carrying chocolate
She’s a professional milk ring flipper
and loves to play in the bathtub.

Blue Paisley
Paisley, a true “puppycat”.
is a lovely and quirky (aren’t they always”)
blue tortie point mitted pure traditional
Torties are pure entertainment.

Tansy is a pure traditional blue point.
Super sweet little girl.
She’s all about being a chill couch potato.

Acaramia Hersheys Symphony
Symi is easy going and loves to beg for cheese
She is a chocolate mink mitted with blue eyes