Ragdolls of West Virginia

Acaramia Cats

All of Acaramia’s Ragdolls Cats are TICA registered and DNA tested for health and color.

The Boys of Acaramia

Finnegan is our main male.
He’s a Chocolate point carrying Cinnamon.
Charming and handsome!

Mr. Reese is next in line to
be our main man.
He is a chocolate mitted carrying cinnamon.
Big, gentle boy!

The Girls of Acaramia


Sassy is our Blue Mink
She is a large Ragdoll who is just
as big in personality!

Lizza Bette is our Seal Tortie Van Bicolor
Bette is a real sweetheart who head butts
and purrs constantly.

Upcoming Acaramia Ladies

Acaramia’s Miss Darcy
She is a Blue Mink carrying cinnamon
I’m in love with those eyes!
Daughter of Sassy and Finn