Welcome to Acaramia Ragdolls of West Virginia

Acaramia Ragdolls is located in the north central region of West Virginia between Bridgeport and Morgantown, WV. We began showing Ragdolls under the name of Emberhearth in 1999, Acaramia was created in 2008 to highlight our chocolate line at the time. We work with most common colors including seal, blue, chocolate, lilac, flame, cream, and tortie in colorpoint, mitted and bicolor; some will be lynx. Occasionally a few more rare colors are available as well.
We would be happy to help you adopt your purrfect Ragdoll baby! Be sure to read up on Adopting with Acaramia
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Acaramia Ragdolls of WV Kitten Questionnaire

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