Ragdolls of West Virginia

Adopting with Acaramia

Acaramia Ragdolls of WV is licensed with the State of WV. All catteries and kennels are required to be registered and charge sales tax. It is WV STATE LAW. Our sales tax is included in the quoted fee for each kitten/cat. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Our Ragdoll kittens are ready to go by 12 to 14 weeks of age, give or take a few days. ALL kittens placed for adoption as pets will be neutered/spayed by our veterinarian. This is not negotiable. Your kitten will receive a health record showing the vaccine and de-worming schedule for its litter. All kittens are placed with a written health agreement against congenital disease and are honored for one year from the date of pickup for kittens.

Steps to Adoption
The first step is to read the information provided on this page as it will answer several questions right away. Next is to make contact.
Phone: 304-641-3405
Email: AcaramiaRagdollsofWV@aol.com 
Or, and you will need to do this for my files anyway, fill out this Jotform Questionnaire and I will contact you usually within few days.
Acaramia Ragdolls of WV Kitten Questionnaire
After we have chatted by phone the next step is to reserve by deposit as explained in the next paragraph.

Reserving & Waiting List
A non-refundable deposit of $200 dollars will hold the kitten of your choice or one of a future litter until he/she is ready to leave our home. Deposits are accepted via Paypal (with a $7.00 fee for Paypal expenses) or by personal check sent with tracking. Priority will be given in the order the deposits are received.  You will be given the information on the correct email to use for Paypal or my address to send a check when we chat.

Kitten fees:
Fees are decided at about 5 weeks old and vary pending each kitten’s evaluation for type and color.  WV state sales tax is included in this fee. Also included in the is your kitten’s spay or neuter, vet check, vaccinations, TICA registration and our health agreement. Each kitten is also sent home with a sample of the foods we use, health/vaccination record and a few little gifts from us.

As each family’s needs are different and our schedules change often, it’s best if we discuss this on a per needs basis. We do commonly help with delivery, for example, meeting near the interstate or at our local airport in Bridgeport, WV (CKB). We are near Morgantown, WV, so it’s easy for us to meet via I-79, I-68, Rt. 50, etc. Due to Covid, we are meeting most families in the Bridgeport or Morgantown, WV areas.

A contract will be provided for each family detailing our policies. The contract is intended to protect the seller, buyer, and most importantly the kitten(s). You are welcome to request a sample copy to preview prior to committing.

We are a closed cattery. This means that the health and welfare of the cats and kittens as well as of the humans who live here are our top priority. Kittens are chosen using photos and videos and we will do everything we can to make sure you are happy with your new Ragdoll.